Guten Tag from Germany!  So Butters has officially become an international traveler.  Life has so many twists and turns that you never see coming, I swear!  So my boyfriend deployed to Stuttgart, Germany, which just happens to be where my parents live as well.  So of course Butters and I had to pack up our things and come as well.  :)  My little Butterball has now been here over a month and is adjusting far beyond my expections.  SHE LOVES IT HERE!! 

    I'm stayin with my parents, who have two shelties.  Which means Butters has two new best friends.  And while they don't have quiet the energy she does, they keep up with her.   Luckily for me they all get along even though they are all females.  There are so many great places to walk your dog, and EVERYWHERE I go I get comments about my Butterball.  You do not see Corgis here in Germany.  So far my favorite comments have been: "Wow, look at her big ears", "Aww, she has no legs", or my personal favorite "Your dog looks like an Easter Bunny with such big ears".  (Please keep in mind he put his hands up by his head to demonstrate how big easter bunny ears were.)  All I can do is laugh and smile because I know she is putting a smile on all their faces.  And when I do get the rare person who does know that she is a Corgi, they instantly call her the Queen's dog.  Gotta thank this royal wedding that's coming up that's giving us so much Corgi exposure. 

   Alright, so on to my question.  I can get some American brand dog foods here, which I prefer to keep her on because we will be returning to the States at some point.  She is also getting ready to make the transition from puppy to adult food.  So far I've had her on Science Diet but I am not so thrilled with reviews I've heard and from my own personal experience.  My other options here would be either Royal Canin or Nutro Natural Choice.  Any ideas on which would be better for my pup?  I need all your Corgi opinions! :)

Thanks Everyone!  Auf Wiedersehen!


Ps... attached are pictures of Butters and her new best friends.  And had to include one of her and her antics with toilet paper.  I caught her in the act!


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Oh! Stuttgart ist ein schoene stadt!!!

(mein deutsch ist nicht so gut)

Lucky Butters (and you!)

I have no idea what brands are over there, just read ingredients & look for something (close) to what you want. Make sure you bring some back to the states for the transition. I'm sure they will have something with a similar ingredient make-up to what you want to use state-side.

I hope you get to be there in September for Volksfest (I went 2 yrs ago & had a BLAST!!)

The Fruhlings Fest is starting this friday!  You can bet I'll be there. :)  Butters will have to stay at home dreaming of Bratwurst.  Hehe. 
Lucky you and butters, enjoy this adventure. Auf wiedersehen.
Danke! :)
Awesome pic. Royal Canin hands down.
Thanks Sam!  I think I'm definitely going with the Royal Canin after everyone's replies.
Feed butters sauerkraut, bratwurst, knockwurst, thiswurst, & thatwurst. Undt bier.
At a German deli in Bellingham, WA, my best pal (German parents) and I were nursing coffee & sandwiches, and noticed a customer spend several minutes perusing the two big chalkboards totally covered with small-print listings of every sausage in the known universe.
He eventually asked the proprietor, "Do you have anything vegetarian?" {not making this up}
After a significant pause, the proprietor, in a deep Bavarian accent, replied, "Noh. Ve eat meat heah. Ve are hyooman beinks."
Somehow, we managed not to choke to death on our laughter.

John, you paint the perfect picture - there is a deli like that in Denver :-) (Continental Sausage)

I bet you were >this< close to passing coffee & sandwich out you nose!

don't forget schweinhaxen!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

Lol!!!  I have to tell to share this with my family.  It's so German!  I would have choked if I had heard that.  You know you should let me know where that German deli is because my brother and sister live in the Seattle area and they grew up in Germany.  I'm sure they'd love to know where it is.  And for myself to when I'm in that neck of the woods.   

Aah, cool! My kids each spent three weeks on a student exchange program in Germany and they loved it there! Each kid reported only seeing one corgi the whole time there. And the photo of the three dogs is so sweet. They are all beautiful!


My corgi mix Bruce has to be on a special renal formula, and we were given limited choices. I ended up choosing Royal Canin. I felt it was the best of the three choices, and Bruce likes it a lot, especially considering that renal formula foods are supposed to taste icky. I'd choose RC.

I have see one other corgi since I've been here.  Of course even though there was a bit of a language barrier we HAD to talk to one another. Lol.  Us corgi moms like to do so.  It was a female red corgi named Frtizi.  The German lady knew I wasn't from here instantly though because I had a docked corgi, and in Germany they are no longer allowed to dock.  Come to think of it, besides her own family that was the first other Corgi encounter she's ever had!  Never ran into any in Virginia Beach.  You could tell lil' Miss Butters knew it was one of her kind by the way her little nub and butt were wiggling. :)
A pointer on Royal Canin. Your Corgi is going to love you for it, it is a very heavy smell and tasting dog food. If your Corgi is in anyway picky about food, I know this is very unlikely for corgis, it would be difficult for you to switch to other brands. Just FYI. Otherwise, it is a good brand.


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