So we are renting a house on a lake with my brother and his family. Our two corgis will be coming with us. There is a boat that comes with the house and I am wondering if I need to get life jackets for our dogs? They both can swim and they have been in water before, but not on a boat. I'm afraid they will get over heated with the jackets on. What do you people think?

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Well I've only used them to get them used to swimming and for river swims (so they dont get swept away) but never on a boat. Haven't had a chance yet.

I'm no expert but my only thought would be just get vests with the grip on top and every now and then just dunk them in the water LOL.
I used to be a lifeguard back in college, technically you can't use the same method to save canines, say if your dog was is in distress, you cannot flip him over on the back and swim backwards with you to the boat, if you try swimming with him facing you over the shoulder, the paws are gonna scratch your abs and pecs real good. (I know from experience), so to save yourself the trouble, especially if your dog is not a good experienced swimmer, invest in a good fitting lifejacket. They are about $25, they should not overheat when in water. Worst case scenario, if your dog did swallow some water in the lungs, would you feel comfortable and know hot o perform cpr?

If it is the beach and no rip current and your dog is a good swimmer, then I would skip the vest.
If it is a lake and you're "launching" from the shore, I would skip the vest.
If it is a lake and you're launching from a boat, I would use a vest.

Have fun and stay safe!

Sam, do you have a link to how to perform cpr on a dog? I never thought of that!! I'm leaning towards the life vests-- better safe than sorry. Thanks for the info!
Yes, here' a you tube video, and here's a Red Cross DVD. I highly recommend going to your local red cross and take a dog first aid class.
Thank you so much Sam. These are things we never think of, and hopefully never have to use. I am going to call my local Red Cross and see if they offer a dog class.
I definitely recommend it. We took Seanna out on our boat last year, and she jumped off the deck--and instead of swimming, she sank--LIKE A ROCK. And didn't resurface for what seemed like forever, but in reality couldn't have been more than 10 seconds. I was just trying to imagine how I was going to dive in and find her in the murky water. She wore her life jacket all the time after that. Thank God it didn't turn out worse. She was funny though--she spent most of the day laying IN the cooler, on TOP of the ice. I think I have a picture of it on my site. She never has really liked to swim, but she loves water.

Nutty always wears hers. She gets a little too brave for MY own good, and will paddle off way too far out. Cinny wears hers becuase she is just learning to swim, and more tentative about the whole thing. The handles are super great for grabbing a wet corgi. Also a good arm workout! :)

Stanley didn't mind wearing his life vest at all and he didn't get overheated (and it was pretty hot that day!) I felt better knowing he had it on since the waves were a little rough that day. He's a pretty good swimmer but had only been in a lake before so the ocean was an entirely new experience for him. Either way, it's extra security in case something happens. Better to be prepared! Plus, corgis just look so darn cute wearing them!!
I'm with Sam on this one: if the dog is swmming from shore, and can swim, a life jacket should not be necessary. If in a boat, put one on; if the dog exits the boat and starts heading for shore a mile off, the Corgis could get exhausted and panic and go under.

Maddie swims like a fish and her prior owner/ breeder used to take her on the boat all the time, and she wore a life jacket. When we take her paddling in the creek or playing at a lakeshore she does not wear a vest and is fine.

Good luck!


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