Hello---I'm looking to get 2 life vests for our dogs. Any recommendations on who makes a good vest for corgis. And what size do you normally use on them.

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I just bought an Outward Hound life jacket for my boy, I *think* I've seen several people using them in videos of their dogs swimming, so I'm hoping they will be worth it. They were (and may still be) on sale at Petsmart. I did some googling before buying it and people unanimously said medium for a corgi. If you buy them at somewhere like petsmart, you can always take your guys/gals in to make sure they fit.
Thanks Shawna, i will check them out.
REI makes really good quality products as well. They are made a bit different than Petsmart's products and probably cost a bit more too.
Did you find anything you liked? Dino would like to be fitted. Even if he does not go swimming he would stick out in a crowd while walking in the park.

Hey Steve, well i did find one--brand name Outward Hound, fits Nicky great. Its a nice flurecent green like a workers vest. Looks good.



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