Well, Lilly goes in for her CCL repair tomorrow.  Of course I'm a little nervous about her having surgery, but I really trust our vet and know she's in good hands.  Hopefully the recovery will be quick.  She's going to be spending more time in her crate I'm sure.  Fortunately she likes it in there.  Thanks in advance for well wishes and corgi kisses.

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Lilly had traditional surgurgy as well, Everthing went well, turned out she also had a uti, but not the flutuating patella (kneecap) that the vet she intitially thought might also be an issue.  Thanks for all the well wishes and corgi hugs.  Well wishes to Emmy and her recovery too.... corgi kisses for her!

DH is picking her up this morning, we moved her crate into the kitchen so she's right by the door out to the backyard.  The toughest part I think will be keeping her still, she just wants to go, go, go...

Our previous corgi had two CCL repairs all within a year.After the first one our vet said there is a 50/50 chance of the other leg going and sure enough 6 months after the first one the other leg went.The first two weeks are the hardest on the dog and then the next two months are hard on the owner.We went with the TTA route because of the faster recovery time versus traditional.After the surgeries I think she moved better than ever before. Good luck!
I think right now it's actually tougher on Brody, he just can't understand why Lilly can't run and play with him, he wants to snuffle her leg to figgure out what's wring with "my Lilly"


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