Little Sophie acting strangely but still eating...Any ideas?

 I spent all day with Sophie yesterday and she was joyful and loud as usual she ate, went to the bathroom, etc. Around 11:30 my roommate cam home and was petting her and as a joke put her skirt over Sophie's head and Sophie started Squeeling so loud! then she wouldn't let me, my boyfriend, or my roommate touch her - she just stood by the door shaking. 

We thought she might have gas so we took her out and she ran around like normal but would not go to the bathroom. I gave her some toast when we got home and she got right in her crate and I had to convince her to eat it. I turned off the lights and went to bed and got about about 20 minutes later becuase she was squeeling again (just a few little sqeeks - not like she was in pain) I tried to take her out but it was raining and she wasnt having it- she jumped up on the couch with me and I slept there with her for about 2 hours - she was breathing a little heavy and wouldnt eat more bread. 

I left her for the rest of the night and she didnt make anymore noise. this morning she seemed tired but she ate, had a walk, went to the bathroom and was fine. I am at work and my roommate says she is just laying around on the bathroom floor.

I called my grandma (who had been taking care of her before I took her) and she said she got scared one other time and shook for an hour and was squeeling ...could it just be fear? anyone else have any experience?

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It could be.  My suggestion is to just forget about it and treat her normally, with normal expectations, or she will pick up on your worried mood and it will compound hers.  And don't let anyone play tricks on her. It may seem cute in the moment, but it is confusing and frightening to her.

My guess is that she was quite scared by the skirt event. If you continue to expect her to be scared she will pick up on this like Anna already said. It is best to just act like there is no problem. You could try to do something to take her mind off of it like play for a long time with a favorite toy or even learn a new command. 

I get extremely upset with people when they try to tease my dog because he isn't looking at the situation the same way a person would and it often results in fear of the person or action that was intended to be funny. This even goes with feet grabbing, blowing in the face, or unnecessary loud sounds or fast movements when being presented with a new object.

We got a new thermometer three days ago and it makes a small (very short and quite) beep when it is ready to be used. This tiny beep has had Clutch scared for the past three days. We are talking full body trembling and attempting to hide in the bathroom while the thermometer is in use. Once the thermometer is put away Clutch will press up against us or hop in bed and tremble between us. Clutch never cuddles (ever) and even though we would really like to take advantage of all these extra seemingly sweet behaviors we just ignore him so that he doesn't over exaggerate the situation.


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