At our last visit to the vet, we were told Lola needs to lose a few lbs. We've cut down her food to 1 1/2 cups of Adult Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul & MAYBE one milk bones (for medium dogs) a day... and she's still at 28lbs!!! Should we buy dog food for dogs that need to go on a diet?? I need some help to get her down to at least 25lbs. Oh, and she gets a 40 minute walk atleast 5 times a week... thanks for any advice!

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Check the calorie count on the food, it varies widely. My little girl, who's 25 pounds, gets only 1 cup/day of Wellness Super5 (about 400 cals/cup). A scant cup, that is, so just under a cup. Try gradually cutting her back that extra 1/2 cup, substitute some veggies, and see if that helps? She will of course try to convince you that she is starving to death, just don't fall for it. But don't cut back too fast, you want a slow, gradual weight loss.
Cut back her food ration. What's she weighing? We have our corgis on 3/4-1 cup each day, depending on size and weight. Just like people: you cut back food and treats and increase activity. It does work. Check out my page. Our Moira was right at 47-48 lbs and it took eight months to get her to 25 lbs. She looks like a totally different corgi.


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