I was told by a Canadian breeder that there was an old Pem kennel in Canada called Pendragon.  Another person confirmed a kennel with this name and said it belonged to Jo Andrews (Lena J. Andrews).  I did some searching but all I could find was one website that linked her with a Cardigan litter whelped in the 1960s.  I mentioned this and asked if she had both but I didn't get an answer on it.  I can't find my copy of The New Complete Pembroke Welsh Corgi so I'm unable to look in there to see if it was mentioned and nothing else but that page on Cardigan history shows up when I do a search on it.

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Here are the contacts, you may email the officers to verify your findings. Pembroke and Cardigan. The record you mentioned was dated 50 years ago, so you'll need to ask someone at least in their mid 60s to verify. Good luck!


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