Looking to get a Young OR puppy in the Washington state area...

Hello. I am Melanie & I have been trying to find a puppy OR young corgi to add to our family. But i haven't had any luck in finding any yet. I'm looking to get a Female, blonde one OR red. I am in the Spanaway/ Puyallup area.. I am willing to got to about a bit past Seattle OR so. I really would love to have a corgi. Thanks.

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Hi Melanie,
I know that portland might be a bit far but this breeder is having 2 litters 1 due august 1 due september
here's their web site www.wyffelspembrokewelshcorgis.itgo.com good luck , oh and check out oregonlive/classified/corgis to see their add posted there
I am in Spokane and have a young (7 month) old female Corgi that my 80 year old father acquired earlier this spring that he just can not handle. I have two Corgis and can't take his Penny. She is red and white, has been spayed and is current with all shots.
I am looking to re-home her to a good home with someone who can train and exercise her. She is just a sweet pup. She really needs to find a "final home" as my father is her third home. No fault of hers; she was originally purchased by an older woman who moved into a senior facility and gave Penny to her (adult) daughter who couldn't keep her because of financial woes. My dad bought her from the daughter in early June.
I can send photos and he has all of her medical records.
Patsy Thompson email: akaww@coldreams.com
I would love to have her .. what is her story, what does she look like.. is she good with people/kids... i emailed you too... ( evlsmurf666@msn.com thats me )


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