As many of you already know, I have recently moved into a new place. Since I have been here, Wynstan has had only loose stools. He gets more exercise here than he did at my old house, because the yard here doesn't retain that much water and he doesn't get muddy here.

So that leads me to two questions:

1. Could the loose stools be attributed to the stress of staying at a new place? (we have been here for a week and a half, we couldn't move earlier due to a water line busting and they just now made half of the rooms inhabitable.)

2. When is a good time to let him go up and down stairs on his own? I have been training him with it already, if I would let him, he would run up and down them all day.

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It wasn't the water or the exercise, apparently my younger brother left a rawhide that had filling in it under the bed, and so when I was doing work, he would sneak some chews. Once I threw it away, his stools started to get firmer.
Ah-ha! Glad you figured it out.
How long did the loose stools take to clear up? My guy is having a small poo problem and I'm wondering if it's attributed to rawhides, which I stopped about a day ago.... Let me know!

It took about 36 hours to completely clear his system

If there is one thing I have learned from this website is to make sure where the rawhides are made. I now go to the farmers co-op to make sure I get the American made ones. This has seemed to stop the loose stool problem. My brother bought the Dingo rawhides with filling and those seem to be the ones that make Wynstan's stomach upset.


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