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I see stories of owners who only bathe their Corgis once a year or so, and I can't fathom how that's possible! You see, Marcus suffers from a very common (human) male ailment... he has TERRIBLE aim. Half the time when he tries to lift his leg, he pees on his belly, the backs of his front paws... even his face! We are getting him neutered next week, and I was wondering if anyone had experience as to whether or not that helped the matter any. He's 13 months old now and hasn't been lifting his leg for too awful long (he still squats late at night when he's tired), so I am wondering if maybe he will "learn" how to not pee all over himself?


I know with humans you can always train them with Cheerios in the toilet, but I can't fathom that "accuracy" is a skill that I can train him, is it?

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Good point... But, I am going to continue lying to myself because I need a silver lining somewhere. :/
This whole thread has got to be one the funniest I've ever read!


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