It has been upteen years since I had a male dog. The problem I'm having is that Max will piddle ever so often. Not really pee but just a little place about the size of a dime sometimes a nickle. WHY! And how do I stop this? It's in doors not out.

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That sounds like marking. Max is marking his territory. He just piddles a little so he has more left to mark elsewhere.

I'm not sure what to recommend. I never had this problem with Theo inside, but I think that's because Theo doesn't pee where he considers it to be his living space, and the whole house is his living space. Does Max do this only in certain rooms or areas? Make sure you're cleaning it up with an enzyme cleaner so he doesn't smell his pee there again. Try playing with him in the rooms where he is going so he views it as his living space. And make sure you take him outside often so if he has to go, he can! Umm, that's all I can think of. :) Hope that helps!
Is he neutered? He sounds like he is marking. I had Corey fixed when he was 6 mos and I have not had this problem.
Sounds like marking to me, also. I had Duncan done at around 6 months and never had a problem with this.

If he isn't house broken, that could be another problem. Again, you don't say the age and it could also be an infection. Maybe a urine sample at the vet will help rule that out. That's another fun thing to do, getting a urine sample...LOL. I ended up getting a baby food jar, straightened out a wire coat hanger, made a loop at one end to slip the jar in. Then when Duncan raised his leg, I slipped it under him. Looked strange me following him all around the yard, trying to get a sample. He didn't know what was going on.
I would have loved to see that. Max is 3 mo old. I really think we we startling him. but thanks for the thought this morning. Made my Day. LOL


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