Corgis are usually happy bright rays of sunshine, but Dante has me so frustrated. I've been sitting here with my head in my hands trying to decide what is best at this point. He got attacked two separate times by stray dogs in the neighborhood (his outside time has been strickly monitored since then), and ever since, he's developed severe aggression. We made huge progress with him (lots of training, therapy, and positive socialization), but lately he's regressed so much that it's almost like he's a wild animal. I'm covered in huge scratches right now because I had to forcibly pull him off of one of my other pups :( I can't rehome him, because in this area it would be a bait dog death sentence! And knowing aggressive he is, I wouldn't be able to send him off with someone with the chance that he could hurt them. I love this dog to bits, but I am seriously bleeding right now because I had to get into the middle of a dog fight. He almost got one of my kids several times in this altercation so now I am genuinely scared.

3/11/14 Update:

After having an enlightening conversation with a rescue lady and a lot of talking, rationalizing, and crying, we decided that letting him rest would be the best and safest option. It was pointed out that the longer we spend trying options with only a slim possibility of helping, is just that much more time that we risk him seriously injuring someone or one of the other dogs. And as many times as the houdini sneaks out of the house we are endangering the kids in the neighborhood too :( So my husband took him to go to sleep today. I wish I could say I was strong enough to be there at the end, but I couldn't bear to be there and stayed home with the kids.

I appreciate the kind words and suggestions from everyone. I wish we could have found the perfect solution for him, but sometimes being sick isn't a physical illness that can be cured or fixed. He has obviously been mentally unwell for some time now, but he's finally getting to sleep peacefully without bother from whatever "demons" that have been haunting him.

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Rachael, sorry for the pain you went and are going through.  When I suggest that putting a dog to sleep may be the best option, it is never lightly.  I love dogs, they have enriched my life, all of them, even the one I wrote about that I had euthanize for temperament problems.  I know first hand how difficult it is to take that decision in general and especially when a dog is otherwise healthy.  It is heart wrenching and it would be so much easier to just pass on the problem to someone else by downplaying it. This solution leaves the dog vulnerable to abusive methods by those who may try to correct his behavior that way.  It is untenable if you love the dog.  Dante's spirit is now free of whatever was going on in his physical brain, which we will never be able to fully understand.  I respect you for not passing the buck and I share your grief and the grief of your family. Now you can all begin to heal from this situation.  Thank you for the update.

I am so sorry for your loss, and for having to be faced with such a difficult situation and decision :-(.

Rachael so very sorry for your loss.  Sounds like you did everything you could to find a better solution and did not take this decision lightly. At least he is finally at peace.

I admire your courage.  And I'm very very sorry for your pain.  /hugs 

Sorry for your loss Rachel.   I completely agree with your update and would have done the same should we face the situation one day.   You'll see him again one day where you'll be reunited with the fun and happy dog you used to know.   

Rest in Peace little guy.  Go ahead spaz and derp as much as you want.    The heavens received a Corgi butt to bring smiles around.

So sorry for your loss! This decision must have been excruciatingly painful to make. Find comfort in knowing that he is in a happy place and free of his his emotional distress.

Dear Rachel

I am so sorry you had to put your Dante down.  It may be small consolation right now, but you may have saved someone or some dog from being seriously injured by Dante.  And you did try to help him get over his problem but to no avail.

It is the absolute hardest thing to have to put down a corgi that is loved and a family member.  You don't stop loving someone just because they die, so continue to grieve in your own way.  I've had to put a young corgi down and I literally grieved until I finally had cried my grief out of me.  I respect you for making such a hard decision.

Lisa Shavlik


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