I have been feeding both my 10 mos and 22 mos female pembrokes strictly canned Merrick food and wonder if thats a mistake for any heallth reasons.  Should I be introducing dry food? Is it too late? Should I ever switch entirely to dry?

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dry food is recommended over canned food by most vets. It is better for their teeth and generally the fat content in wet food is much higher than dry. Generally they only recommend wet food only in a dog or cat with kidney disease that is perpetually dehydrated. I would recommend slowly switching to dry food, however since they've been eating wet their whole lives they may not eat a dry only diet. It doesn't hurt to mix a few tablespoons of wet food into their kibble once you have them transitioned to a mostly kibble diet. Wet food tends to cost a lot more than dry so you will be saving money too!


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