First I want to thank everyone for the suggestions to help Herky and his dingleberry problem. He has been to the groomer and so far so good (fingers and toes crossed)!

Next on the list is Mia. She has been limping on her back "passenger" side leg. No ball playing and keeping her activity down helps, but she does love to run and play. So then she limps for a few days and starts all over again. She is on Tramadol for the pain and going to start on Cosequin DS. My questions are:

1. Who uses the Cosequin DS or do you use the Cosequin DS + msm?

2. Do you get it from the  vet or somewhere else? It seems it is quite a bit cheaper online BUT is it the same thing?

3. Does anyone use Tramadol and Rimadyl together? The vet has suggested this so may try also

Thanks for any input!!!

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Hi Kim

1&2. FDA does not regulate supplement, so it's entirely depended on the source and quality, use at your own risk.

3. yes, you can use analgesic and nsaid together, it's quite effective.


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