My little guy loves to go outside no matter what the weather. Problem is, when it's the least bit wet outside his underside and chest gets completely covered in mud. We keep a towel by the door and wipe him down when we get in. It's spring now, and that means it's wet nearly every day - I'm looking for a solution to keep the mud levels down because we are going through multiple towels a day. The other day it was so bad he had to have an emergency bath when we got in - can't have a bath every day!

Does anyone know if there's a good rain coat that covers lots of the belly/chest area, or does anyone have another solution to muddy bellies? I'm tempted to try making my own coat / rain cover soon...


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I always trim Seanna's underhair down so it's not as long.  That helps some, but I have them trained so when I say "tubby", they run to the bathtub and jump in.  I rinse them off, and then dry them when they get out.  I don't know any other way, because I can't get them to sit still enough to wipe their paws.

1.  With good scuba equipment you can just toss 'em in the washing machine.  Try to keep the ears above water because they will shrink in the dryer.

2.  You can get those shoe buffer machines installed near the entryway and buff the Corgi belly dry.

3.  Dishwasher.  This will get the ears totally wet so rinse cycle only.

4.  You ever seen those big blower dryers that car washes have as you're about to exit?  You put one of those in the entryway.

5.  Kevlar armor to go on the Corgy belly before exiting the house.  

6.  Six to eight year old children who squeal with delight and pick the Corgi up and carry him around no matter how much he squirms, thereby keeping him off the ground.

7.  Shave the underside so that no mud or grime adheres.  Use shaving cream to avoid razor rash.

8.  Patiently explain to the Corgi that he has to behave or he won't get to go to school with the other children on the block.

9.  Saran wrap.

10. Stilts, or alternatively, very large boots.

11. Mount the Corgi on a Caucasian Mountain Shepherd prior to going outside.

Though I appreciate the creativity... I was thinking more along the lines of a particular brand of rain gear that sells corgi-belly-covering coats.

That car wash blow-dryer doesn't sound too bad though ;)


GPN, those are great solutions, but why should the corgi be inconvenienced? A flourish of a cape over the mud puddle for the grand lady comes to mind, or raised walkways. The entire yard could be enclosed so that it does not get muddy and the little corgum can enjoy their native habitat unhindered. 


ROFLMAO!!  That was great!

LOL. Nice. Number 9 is the best choice-- Saran wrap!

Baron wants the stilts.

Gotta add one more... spray the underside with PAM to keep anything from sticking.  And Lilly is a mud lover too, so I know exactly what you're going through.

I find that my floors do a great job of cleaning the mud off of the lowriders' bellies!  <sigh>

Jeeze ellen is that a Pembroke with the blue eyes and black and white???  I didn't know they came in that combination.  Greg

Nope. Ellen's lovelies are Cardis...which come in a much wider variety of colors than their Pem cousins. :)


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