I know Corgi's are known to be protective and all, mine almost never barks in the house. but anytime he sees a person outside on walks he does a half bark over and over. he wont stop unless i tell him "look" and when i get his full undivided attention i give him a treat. it works for the time. but will it work in the long run? will i always have to do this? some people take it as being unfriendly sometimes even though he shows no signs of aggresion, and i dont want that. I think i need a new method. HELP

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You are on the right track, having your corgi focus on you instead of something else is very good!! I dont think that you will alawys need to depend on the treats, just while you are training your corgi.
im so glad to hear you say that! every trainer i talked to says it may not be a good idea, but Corgis are a different type of animal than normal dogs ;) now i feel like i may be doing something right
when Pooka was barking at other dogs on walks I would act all excited and "oh how great to meet this dog" and she gets lots of treats just because there's another dog coming and that worked pretty good. A lot of times, once this happens, we ourselves become apprehensive when we see another "person" coming because we hope he won't bark. The pup can feel that and responds. So try to make sure you are relaxed and happy whenever you see someone on the walks.
This is very true - Casey started barking at people on walks (just randomly it seemed; sometimes she would, sometimes she wouldn't) and I realized after about 6 or 7 times that when we saw people in a scenario that might provoke barking, I would start to feel a bit anxious because I didn't want her to bark (nobody likes it when a dog barks at them!). I started to make sure I was totally calm and relaxed when we walked past people - I would greet them causally/calmly and just be very friendly. I also would switch places with her depending on where the person was (so if they were in their front yard, I would switch so I was closer to them and she was closer to the street until we made our way past them). The combination of these two things seemed to make her less likely to bark at people.

Just a note - my approach of switching places with her worked because I was vigilant about watching where people were, and would change places several paces before she noticed someone was there. I don't know if this would work out as well after the dog noticed the person. But I was just very smooth and nonchalant about it. We just swapped places, walked past the person, and swapped back, like nothing happened.
ive actually been trying to be more calm when i see people instead of being anxious. So far it hasnt made much of a difference. yesterday was the first time i tried switching place with him so he didnt feel like they were invading his space some, it actually helped some. Also, i started giving him treats on walks when he was completly relaxed and "in the zone" so to speak. thats proven to work the best with him. Thank you so much for your help. i needed people that understanded a little more of what its like to own a Corgi. Ill keep trying. if you think of anything else let me know!!


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