My corgi has something wrong with his ear!!!! Any idea what it could be?

My mom's dog, which is Gizzy, seems to have a problem with his ear. He keeps shaking it, and itching it n stuff. They looked into his ear to see if there was something in it, and it was clear as far down as they could see.
Just asking. Thanks for replies.

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Could be an ear infection, my guess.
carefully run your fingers from the base to the tip, can you feel anything, see anything? notice any bumps?
Is there any drainage from the ear? Is it red? Does it have a foul odor? Dogs also get ear mites which are not visable to the naked eye. If he continues to scratch and shake may I suggest a vet visit. Many dogs will get hematomas if they continue the shaking. This runs into a far bigger expense then having an exam now to find the cause. Good luck.
Something like this happened to our cat. My wife took him to the vet with a swollen ear, he can back with enough stitches in his ear to make it look like a porcupine and a vet bill to match, and he's had a sadly disfigured cauliflower ear to this day.
I would also suggest a vet visit to check for mites, etc. Especially if the behavior lasts more than another day or two.
Yep, I'm going along with the group. You're looking at a yeast infection or ear mites. Best to have a vet take a look to be certain and be sure his getting the right treatment. Good luck
Gwynnie has always shaked her ears a lot. We've sometimes used this product, "Epi-Otic" ear cleanser for dogs, cats, etc. You just drip the stuff into the ears and try to get it to flow deep down in. Then the dog shakes it out, all over you. Smells like a wet carpet.
Maybe it's helped, maybe not. The ear-sjhaking is not as bad as it used to be. But when I hear somebody shaking their ears, I know who it is.
Our Butter had this problem. Took him to the vet who could see nothing. Turned out food allergies can make dogs shake and scratch ears. After using steriod drops and changing his food several times...he is now pretty much fine. Only have to give the drops very rarely.


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