My corgi is very attached to me, it's upsetting my husband. Help!

Hi guys, I just joined today. I came across the site while browsing the web today for some answers. 

My puppy is just a little over 4 months old. His name is Gimli. :) We've had him for a little under a month. 

Here's the situation. I work 5 days a week, 8-9 hours each day. We got the puppy because my husband and I thought it would be the perfect time to, since he just got out of the Army and is taking a break until January, when he'll start going to school. Him being at home to take care of the puppy really put me at ease. 

My husband stays with him all day, 5 days a week, and takes care of him the most right now. He feeds him, gives him water, takes him outside to potty, and plays with him. 

I thought for sure that Gimli would be the most attached to my husband, but it's not the case. My husband feels a little upset that the puppy follows me around, sleeps at my feet when I am sitting at my desk or in the livingroom, and comes to me when I call him. My husband tries being "sweet", calling to him in a sweet tone, and he simply doesn't budge. 

Any idea why he would be more attached to me, instead of my husband? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. This is our first puppy. We've always had cats. :)

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Hello and this is a common thing from my experience: that is corgis seem to clearly identify a pack leader early on in the process, and a pecking order too!

I, too, recommend that your husband and little Gimli go to training together to be sure they both understand their respective pack roles.

I would do this sooner than later given the latest episode you describe here.

Dog and puppy classes help attending owners just as much as they help our furry family members!

And the information the attending owner gets from classes can be passed along to family members who do or can not attend.

I do not know about the Pet Store classes, but we have always chosen a local trainer recommended by out veterinarian and have not been disappointed!

Happy Parenting and a big SHOUT (Bark) OUT from our boy D'Arby to your corgi pup Gimli!


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