My Corgi isn't very affectionate. Did I do something wrong?

This has been bugging me for the longest time! My little guy, Oodeveer is over a year old and has NEVER been very affectionate. He hates to be held, will only allow me to scratch his neck or pet him for a short time, doesn't follow me around, won't lick me and just doesn't seem to "love" me like I've seen other Corgies do. Addie, his little sister is about a eight months old and is the exact opposite, she's very loving, likes to be held and cuddled and will follow me all around the house. Oodeveer is a smart dog and is very well behaved, doesn't have any aggresive or unusual behaviors, gets along well with his sister and is very friendly with strangers but he's just so ultra independent. I know dogs' personalities can vary from dog to dog but it bothers me he doesn't show affection like most other dogs. It seems he really hasn't bonded with me. Is this something unusual?

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We have two corgis, Ein and Ed. We had gotten Ein when he was about 4 months, and when he was about 9 months we adopted another corgi Ed. We didn't realize how independent Ein was until we got Ed. Ed loves to sit with us on the couch, get petted, cuddle, anything with attention. Ein will do this occassionally, but more often than not he just wants to sit on the floor and chew on a toy. So, I guess I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't know for sure at which point you really know they've bonded with you.
I just have to ask,,,Is Ed named after Edward Elrich from FullMetal Alchemist?
LOL! If so that you have two awesomely named Corgis! ;)

I think the names come from Cowboy Bebop more than Full Metal Alchemist :)

Could be...but there is an Edward in FMA who is hot headed and hates being called short. I've come to know many corgis named after FMA characters, especially Winrys. I don't think Tina ever answered the question, so we may never know!

We may never know, it will forever be a mystery :) 

I think it's all in the corgis personality itself. Roxi has always been independent and she's about 7 now. She is just starting to get really really cuddly with us. She used to be her own dog though and even if we had her on the couch/lap she would wiggle and just not settle ever. Charlie on the other hand is my couch potato/snuggle buddy so it just all depends on them. 

Sounds like your Oodeveer is like my Theo to some degree. Theo has a 2 foot rule. He likes to always be 2 feet from me. If I sit down next to him to pet him, he will get up, move 2 feet away, and lay back down. He doesn't like to be held, pet, and he doesn't give kisses. He follows me between the first and second floor of the house, but if I'm in the kitchen he'll stay in the other room. It's funny because to strangers he's actually very affectionate. He jumps up on their legs and he showers them with kisses when they bend down to pet him. But it's short lived. That's just his greeting to new people. If they pay him enough attention he loses interest and comes back to me. He shows affection for me in his own way. He'll only listen to what I say (or anyone happening to be holding a treat). He does follow me around to some extent. And my husband says he misses me terribly when I'm gone.

I always attribute Theo to being like a teenage boy (he's just a week shy of a year old). They secretly love their parents very much, but it just about kills them to show it. When I hold Theo he gives me such an "ah gee, mom! not in front of my friends!" look. Hehe.

I hope you don't take Oodeveer's personality too much to heart. That's just who he is. I hope you don't love him any less for it or trade him in for a cuddlier model. Hehe. I'm sure his independence also means he has good personality traits that maybe some of the more cuddlier Corgis don't.
"Theo has a 2 foot rule. He likes to always be 2 feet from me. If I sit down next to him to pet him, he will get up, move 2 feet away, and lay back down."

I swear, Theo and Bubba must be blood brothers. Up until recently he was pretty affectionate. He's get right up against me on the couch and many times lie there and even go to sleep with his head on my leg nestled as close to my hip as possible for anywhere from 30 minutes to a bit over an hour. He was like this when we went to visit his breeder a few months back and from what I was told, he'd get up to see where I went if I went outside. Not too long, ...maybe 2-4 weeks after we got back home from a three day stay, he got so he's more like Theo-acutally moving away many times if I want to hold him and moving about 1-2 feet away. It sort of made me sad knowing how he was before. He doesn't try to move aways if I get up determined to get me a hug, he will lay there and may put his muzzle on my arm briefly.

It's one thing to have a young one with that sort of personality but to have one that seems to have changed is puzzling. He'll come over and put his paws on my leg if I have something good to eat I'm muching on and he's hoping for a bit, intently fixated on my hand and where it goes. If I put up that bag of chips, for instance, he'll then move away. They're hard to figure at times. Reaching in my pocket will make him come back as he knows cookies are usually in there.
Haha! They do sound very similar! Where is Bubba from? Theo is from Oklahoma.
Bubba's a KY boy-born and raised there but he's been in TN with me for a year and a half. They're both good ol' southern boys as his name implies! I need to get him a pair of overhauls and a cap that says Red Man on it for next time we go to the Corgi Picnic around these parts.
Oodever's from Oklahoma. Maybe this is an "Okie" thing!


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