My 4-yr-old male Pembroke has just started having seizures. He had 3 within 2 weeks, 2 of those within 24 hr. I took him to the Vet after the first one and they ran blood work which all came back normal. After the cluster seizures (2 within 24 hr.), I took him back to the Vet. She now thinks it is probably epilepsy and he has been started on phenobarbital. Since going on the medication (only 5 days ago), he has not had another episode.


I didn't see Corgis listed as one of the breeds that is prone to seizures. How common is this in Corgis? I've had Corgis for the past 40 years and have never seen this before. It scares me because now I'm afraid to leave him alone and go any where, but that is just not practical.


Has anyone had any experience with this?



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You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted, as you can.
Thank you. I will try to update as things go along.
My mother's corgi/doxie mix would occasionally have seizures, but it was infrequent and sporatic and tended to happen sometimes after coming in from outside. What we think it was, was perhaps maybe something she ate outside. We did composting and thought maybe she got into some of that.

I hope things get better for you and your corgi!
Thanks. I hope so too. Sounds like you may have been right on what was happening with your corgi/doxie. I looked around the house and outside and couldn't find anything my dog could have gotten into and the tox screen after the first seizure ruled out toxins. My vet won't put one on meds if they are seizing less than once per month. Obviously, she put mine on the meds after he had three of them within 2 wk. with two of those being within 24 hr.
Eep! I hope things get better soon!
FYI, we had a cat who had frequent grand mal seizures all his life, possibly more stressful to us than to him (we would awake in a panicked start, bed shaking, cat jerking like a defective windup toy. Never treated in any way. They had no ill effect that we could see, although a seizure at a vulnerable moment might be dangerous. I believe they all happened during sleep.
I've only researched this in dogs, so don't know very much about this condition in cats. I do know my dog's seizures have been when he was awake, although I really don't know about the first one as I was asleep (it was 6:30 AM) and he might have been too.
So sorry to hear that you and your doggie are going through this. From the reading I have done it seems corgis are one of the breeds prone to seizures. I have a 4 1/2 year old corgi named Corduroy. When he was 3 1/2 he started having seizures. He started out taking Phenobarbital twice a day and was doing great for a few months, then the seizures started again. It seems his body got used to the Pheno; he was then switched to a higher dosage. Since, then we have not been able to get his seizures undercontrol for more than a few months. He is currently on 4 different medications and has tried 3 additional meds that did not work for him. Last month he had several seizures in a row we had to take him to the neurologist (where he frequents lately) to stop him from seizing. They again changed his meds. After his July trip and his new med change Corduroy was having extreme difficulty walking. He has difficulty walking each time they change his meds, but nothing like this. He couldn't even get up to eat and use the bathroom. He would just pee right where he was lying down, awful. His neurologist then reduced his new medication because they were concerned about his quality of life. At the moment Corduroy is having focal seizures 1-2 times a week and we are trying to keep him as stress free as possible. In a few weeks the doctor will evaluate him again and try to reduce one of his medications. His doctor explained that it will be a long road trying to figure out the right combination.
We were concerned at first with leaving him home alone but it is something we cannot help. And we feel better about it since he has never gotten hurt. We do not let him upstairs unsupervised since he could fall down the stairs and get hurt.
I hope that your doggies seizures remain under control!
So sorry to hear about your problems with your dog and his meds. I hope Gizmo does not go through this, but exactly what you are describing is what scares me. They started him on the lowest dose of Pheno (15 mg). That worked for a little over a month and then he had 3 seizures in less than 24 hr., so we doubled his meds and took him back to the vet. He is now on 30 mg twice a day. So far, that has only been since July 20 so am afraid that when I get close to a month again that the meds will no longer be sufficient. The vet mentioned that we can add the potassium bromide. I don't like the idea of having go go through what you have with trying like you said to find the right combination and dosage. He goes in next week to have his blood levels checked to see if the dose is holding. So far, he is fine on the meds and not having any problems with the meds themselves. I would be really worried too if he was not having a good quality of life. I'm still having problems leaving him for more than a couple of hours unless my husband is home and this is really beginning to limit me. I'm a big worrier any way. I put him in the bathroom with the door shut, thinking this would be the safest spot for him and is away from the other dogs whenever I leave him.
There are many medication options out there, I'm sure your vet will find the one that works for Gizmo. It is hard with dogs because we don't really know how they are feeling. The pheno & bromide combo worked well for Corduroy for a while. From what the nuerologist told me the Pheno & bromide usually work for most dogs. Right now he is on Zonisamide, Potassium Bromide, Pheno, and Gabapentin. We tried, Keppra,clorazapate, and one other. We are looking into finding a new regular vet for him, in addition to the nuerologist he is seeing. He hasn't been to the reg vet in a long time since we have made numerous visits to the emergency place (he only has issues on off hours), we have been lucky they have been doing his blood work and check ups for us. Sounds like Gizmo is in good hands! I hope his check up for his blood levels go as planned and it is smooth sailing for him.
Thanks. I hope so too. I worry because I live in a rural area and have no emergency 24-hr clinics close by. All are at least an hour drive and that's if there is no traffic. My regular vet is even 30 min. away.
Did your vet give you any valium with syringes to give rectally? That was what we had on hand. And it will help if your corgi is having sz so frequently that you need to go to an emergency clinic or your vets.


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