Gwynnie has a problem.  I've tried to pretend that she's this healthy, happy, perfectly behaved, well-adjusted dog, but  I can maintain the veil of denial no longer.  I fear she has a real behavior problem, and we've been afraid to talk about it.  We have this elephant in the living room -- really -- a dead elephant (see below).  We have to face this.

She likes to kill things.  Small helpless creatures, mostly.  It's sickening.  She catches them and kills them, slowly and repeatedly, and dismembers their bodies.  Our home is a charnel house of severed heads and body parts gnawed clean down to the bone.  They're everywhere, hidden in corners, under the furniture.  Lifeless eyes stare hauntingly at us from dark spaces.  Whenever I come home, she greets me by proferring some dismembered body part.  My beautiful little Gwynnie... a vicious monster?!?

I don't know what to do.  Can anyone advise me?  Is it time to seek... professional help?  I mean, I'm afraid that if somebody like me walked into a shrink's office and said, "My *dog* has a problem", their jaw would go slack before they burst out laughing.  What should I do?

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LOL!!!  Sally doesn't go for the heads but the tails!!!  Chews the tails off all her toys....  Maybe we need to have a support group...what would we call it???

LOL! Well done, John! You should start a new group so people can post pic of their corgi's kills. :)


Oh the horror! ;)

You made My day again John :).Looks like Our corgi toy box at home!!Do Your corgis or corgi like to leave toys out in the yard to "season" too??Keri left a toy outback in the garden section all summer (I left it there to see what would happen) then yesterday she proudly brought it in to shred.Goofy girl!!

Some are just natural born killers, John.  You can see it in their eyes.  Gromit snapped the neck on a supposedly indestructible mallard and then smiled at what he'd one.

Was it a Go Dog toy?

Omitted from my photos was the quart-sized kevlar toy they finally managed to destroy (it did last several years).

LOL...beautifully written, and yes, my Dixie has the same sickness.  In fact, as I was reading it out loud to my husband, she snuffled my ear as though she approved of your Gwynnie's thoroughness :)


LOL so funny!  My Gunny is quite methodical about removing the stuffing from every toy. He exicutes one small hole and procedes to pull out the cotton-like filling until my family room looks like a cotton field...when he is done I gather all the stuffing and reinsert it through the same opening and place the" victim" back into the toy container where it can be hunted down and tortured yet again another day!

I tried but P.D. would find where I sewed the hole up and start his plucking there.  So I finally left them empty; he seems just as happy.

Poopdeck spares no parts!  Everything gets the stuffing pulled out, the pelts are then plucked, and kept around forever.  He once had a blue octopus that was reduced to strips of about 1 1/2" by 3" long and he would lay down and pluck them but not totally destroy.  We had strips of calamari around the house for months and months! 


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