Butters loves things all things and he belives everything belongs to him. Every couple of days we have to look under the coffee table for missing items.He has a crate pad under there for naptime and hiding his treasure. If you drop it or it fell he has it.  He keeps clean and dirty socks,flip flops, ink pens, even his empty food dish. Today I looked and he had 3 balls, a water dish, 3 different socks, 3 puppy toys, a TV guide, and one bedroom slipper. i have never had a dog just pile stuff up.  He does not destroy them just collect them.

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Butters: Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

That's adorable!  Especially because he doesn't destroy them.  You wonder what goes through their little brains sometimes.

That's adorable. For a long time, Kadi would store her Milk Bones in different hiding places in her xpen and crate. We would do inventory every so often and find up to 10 of them. (She gets one a day.) But since Brodie came along, she eats them when we give them to her. She's afraid he'll steal them!

He is taking precautions just in case "mom"  comes home late someday. Corgis have finely tuned survival instincts.


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