Ok so since im getting my corgi this summer when i go to my dads house i need help.


My chihauhua Dakota is a perv. Im worried that when she comes home for the first time shes going to get humped. i only worry about this cause dakota is already nutured and spayed so theres no reason to do it if they wont have puppies.


 He does this to every new dog he meets and it makes me laugh. but since my corgi is gonna live with me for along long long time i dont want him to hump her every day. And hes too old to get a pat on the butt like i used to when he was bad. and it wasnt even hard. I treat him like my own son.


My new corgi..is a mystery. i dont know much about her. my dad didnt tell me much. Im scared shes gonna bite dakota so i need something to do when shes bad too.



I need a tecnuiqe to get them to stop being mean when they meet.

anyone have any ideas?

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I would have both dogs on leashes when they meet, so that you can pull them away from each other if there are any signs of not getting along. Best if they meet somewhere other than the house for the first time if possible.

And the humping is more a showing dominance than sexual. That's going to happen if your chihuahua is a dominant dog. Just keep a close eye on them, and don't let them out of your sight until you are sure they are going to get along.


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