So I bought a decent Dirt Devil Vacuum about 8 months ago.  The thing is dead... I belive my lovely pup Otto choked it to death... Soooooo... Since I know most of the people on here of all places will know what I'm taking about I would love to know what kind of vacuum has been running strong for you guys with your corgis for years.... I'm looking online now at different reviews and none of the reviews thus far have mentioned dog hair... So i'm curious... Thank you!!!

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You've never replaced a filter in the dyson in six years?????
It comes with 2 washable ones, I alternate when one need to be washed. So I've only washed 2 filters 3 times each in 6 years.
OMG that's a lot of hair!!!


I love my Dyson!  We have one of the "animal models" but I don't remember the model number.  It is the middle one (not cheapest, not most expensive).  Think we got it at Target a couple years ago for $200-300.  Here are a couple of other vacuum discussions for you to check out:


Those are just a couple.  There are A LOT more vacuum discussions on here.  LOL, no surprise really, this being a corgi site and all!!

It's a well known fact that Corgis hate vacuums and wish them all dead or at least to see them turned into chew toys.  Since most of us stop the ferocious attacks on our expensive vacuums I believe that a Corgi's shedding may actually be their stealth way of killing off by strangulation, the noisy, threatening mechanical monsters. 


We're using a Dirt Devil that's a year or two old but it's required periodic disassembly to remove fur clogs.  Gromit always watches these mechanical surgeries with great interest and always seems disappointed when the beast once again comes to life.  So my theory is that if we didn't vacuum, the Corgis would feel no need to shed and thus expensive vacuums would be unnecessary.  Of course if I'm wrong about that then the house would soon be knee deep in Corgi fur but think how warm it would be on cold nights.

Hahaha very amusing!
Funny, the vacuum scare is exactly the reason why I can leave it anywhere in the house and not worry about it being chewed up. Shiro won't go near that thing!
wow! Thanks for this post! My vacuum died too! Right now I am leaning towards the Hoover Whisper, it has amazing reviews and is compared to the Dyson vacuums, yet instead of costing $400 its only about $85. None of the other cheaper vacuums seem to get many good reviews.
I know its pricey but we do love the Dyson Animal.  I got it for Christmas a number of years ago and its still going strong!  Good luck.

Shortly we will be looking at a new vaccum and it's actually been suggested that a Bissel might be a better product for multiple dog households.  A friend who has leo's said that's what their chat groups usually end up recommending, over the Dysons.  Currently we have a 7 yr old Hoover Windtunnel, but it's starting to show it's age.  With a rough collie, a pom,  the cardigans and a gsd in the house, we just have too much long hair for a Dyson--clogs the beater bar too quickly.  Plus we are slowly switching over to hardwood floors on a room by room basis.  I want something that can do hardwood, carpet and vinyl, well and loads and loads of mud that the dogs drag in.


Out of all low priced vacuums Eureka is very good. You can find one for under $100. I've had mine for 4 years and my dad had it before me. The filter is small, but it's easy to remove and clean it, I just rinse mine with water and let it dry. 

In the meantime I'm dreaming about Dyson Animal, but that's about 10X the price of my Eureka

Our Bissel with Pet Hair Eraser has lasted s couple years, runs well and is easy to use. I got it on sale at Target for about $100. We have three dogs, three cats and three kids!


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