So I bought a decent Dirt Devil Vacuum about 8 months ago.  The thing is dead... I belive my lovely pup Otto choked it to death... Soooooo... Since I know most of the people on here of all places will know what I'm taking about I would love to know what kind of vacuum has been running strong for you guys with your corgis for years.... I'm looking online now at different reviews and none of the reviews thus far have mentioned dog hair... So i'm curious... Thank you!!!

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Al & Gwynn are impressed! I guess there's more than one way to kill a vacuum -- use your fur, not your teeth! Good work, Otto.
Dyson so far hasn't died of fur poison. LOL. Target has good prices on them and some times you can use the 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to get 1. Good luck.
I have an Oreck and it tends to spit the fur out in clumps at random intervals. I'm also looking for a furniture attachment or even a separate vacuum. Any suggestions? Emilia isn't allowed on the couch, but her fur doesn't seem to know that.

For quick light pickups, we use the Dyson Handheld DC 16

It's very light, less noisy and cordless, perfect for couch, chair, window sill, car cabin...etc.


The newer models have longer batteries (10 minutes at 100% suction) and a new digital motor, The Animal model DC31 comes with a motorhead attachment like the upright brushbar, you can buy just the motorhead separately.

Here's a video review of the DC 31 Animal


If you want to want to buy a pet hair attachement (no motor) for other vacuums, there's the Ontel One (cheap)

There's also a Bissell pet combo pack Version (cheap)

And a corded handheld version Bissell Pet Eraser (cheap)

In my opinion / experience, the best way to clean in car cabin is a pair of dish washing rubber / latex gloves, static causes pet hair to stick, once you brush all the hair into a corner, you can either vacuum it or pick it up with your fingers. Pet hair "weaves" into carpet, low suction is not the problem, the lack of a motorhead / brushbar is what makes it hard to clean up.


Don't buy a handheld for big jobs.

We have the Ontel attachment you show and it works great on furniture.


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