Hi all!

Good news! Back by popular demand, Calendar second run is on! Order Now.

Thanks all the members for their support!


Silvia & Sam

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I want one too but don't need it before Christmas. Can't wait to it the final product!!
any news?!?! ;)
tick, tock, tick tock.....We can't take the suspense any more!!!!!
my gosh right...now i know its coming soon Ive been semi stalking mycorgi
I know the feeling... now, picture this. Your corgi, drool dripping from the side of its mouth... can't see the treat, but s/he knows you have it... That's how I feel!! Can't wait to see what it's gonna look!! Just release pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!
I've done everything I can think of: heeled, sat, barked, got down, rolled over, brought a toy, danced... nothing seems to work, not even the normally irresistible GREAT MOURNFUL BIG BROWN EYES corgi mind-control trick. Oh! Forgot, silly me. I'll go get a dirty slimey tennis ball in my mouth, works every time... the calendar will be ready soon!

ew, these things taste awful...
Could you release the names of the finalists, as then also list one or two that would be used as "stand-ins" if needed?
yes please!!!!!
I'll second...or third...or whatever we're up to...that idea!
Kirby and Cricket are begging, please, please, please! :-)
oh the suspense.......
I bet this waiting is similar to waiting in the bathroom after taking a pregnancy test.

Waiting for what seems like an eternity.
Checking over and over again for results.



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