Hi all!

Good news! Back by popular demand, Calendar second run is on! Order Now.

Thanks all the members for their support!


Silvia & Sam

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I can't wait for the results. So many good looking Corgis.
Hi Gail, yes the announcements are always on top of the site on the front page, sorry, voting have been closed already. Yes there will be announcement once the pictures have been selected and we will announce purchasing options :)
thanks Sam.. I will look for it.. appreciate your reply.. our paws are crossed!!! :)
You can still bribe the vote counters. It's a time-honored tradition. :-)
LOL you crack me up John!

Mocha decline to respond but insisted on posting the following video. *cough* hint hint *cough*
how cute was that!!!
Heyyyyyyy, if the popular vote can be bought by promises of liver treats and peanut butter...

Man, our politicians are doing it wrong.
I love this video!!! :)
Ahh i cant believe i missed voting! is there any way to see who the finalist were?
Sorry Kristin you missed the vote, here are the finalists
Sidney and I loved the Peanut Butter song! He was watching attentively.


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