I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and it's just something that has gotten to me. Much as I love Ziggy.. His name just feels weird when I say it. (If that makes sense.)

At first, changing his name wasn't something I was even going to bother with, having him been going through a lot of changes and stuff, it didn't really seem important.

But now, as he is settling in more and more (he even jumped up on me today when we came home from my brother's birthday party!:P) I figured that the time is coming that he will be more comfy around us and all that, so a name change wouldn't cause as much confusion. (Though if you guys think it's still too early, and I should wait longer, I would like to hear about it-and why!)

Changing his name is not something that I am dead set on, but I did have names I had already picked out set for my future Corgis. Originally, my first Corgi was going to be named Banana. (Which explains my URL for this site lol) But my first Corgi was also going to be a puppy when I picked that out, so I am saving that name, for my first Corgi puppy. But I was thinking of either Plum or Mango. (Yes, all of my picked out Corgi names are so far fruit. They will all probably stay as such, as I like things to have a pattern:P)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips?


PS: I was also thinking Marble/Marbles.. I haven't suggested that one yet, so I don't know what would happen, but I really like it:P

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Here are a few suggestions.  ;) I kind of like Bearberry, myself. It could be shortened to Bear or Berry (Barry) and both sound boy-ish to me. That's just me, though, and I'm sure my likes & dislikes are different from your own. That list has plenty of names to consider, though, so have fun!

When you change his name, just train him the way you would a puppy.  Call the new name in a super-happy sing-song voice and reward when he looks at you.  Since his weight used to (or still is) an issue, use green beans or banana or other safe, low-cal food as a reward.  Once he has that down, say "(New Name) Come!" in that same happy voice and reward if he comes.  If he doesn't have a recall, then wait until he's already coming over to you before using the command.  Reward when he gets to you.  Just keep using the new name and he'll soon be answering to it.  :)

Oh, I like Berry.. I like it a lot.. I'm going to run it by hubsters, but it will probably get shot down from him. He says that it's my dog, I can name him what I want, but then everything I like he gives me crap over. Like I offered "Craig" because we both love South Park, and Craig is a super monotonous character and so is Ziggy, so yeah.(I don't know if you watch South Park or not, but just in case not, I had to explain haha.) Then he got on my case about how "giving dogs human names is stupid."

Better than his idea. He wanted to name him Towelie, also from South Park. Yeah, really. He wanted to name him after the stoner towel, but Craig is unreasonable:P

I will probably be waiting to change his name for a while, simply because we can't agree on anything. I'm going to give him such a hard time when he gets his dog xD (Though I actually don't care what he names his dog---it's HIS, but I hate being told no every time I like something, so he gets to go through it too haha.)

He does know what come means, he just almost never actually gets up to accomodate the call lol.. What should I do about THAT?:/

You can use any command, really.  It's just to further associate that name with him.  :)  So it could be shake, roll over or any other trick you want.  Also, even if your husband says "no," how will he stop you from calling him whatever name you choose?  :P  I ran Ellie's name by my husband, along with a lot of others, but I didn't really care if he said he didn't like it.  I'd have named her whatever I wanted anyway, hehe. I just used him for feedback and considered his opinion in case I hadn't thought of something weird about the name.

Another good one might be Quince (you could call him Quincey).  There's Jackfruit (Jack), Melon, Pistachio...  :)  Lots of names to choose from, so I'm sure you'll come up with one that suits him just right.

As it turns out, we JUST agreed on something!:P And it's not too bad. It matches Skittles kinda... We both like Twix. So do you think I should just say "Twix!" a lot to him in a super happy voice while saying "Come!!" and trying to rile him up--running around calling him over and over, treating him when he starts to respond to the name.

I'm sure that he'll catch on pretty quickly:) I also kind of hope that it helps him get more attached, though I don't know if it will. I just figure-maybe he still associates his name with Katie, but either way, it couldn't hurt to have the change:D

When we got our rescue, her name was so hard for us to call when she was outside!  We often call them by nick names so  when I called her "your such a Sally" (she was such a chicken)  she came running to me....now she is Silly Sally Cerny and it is so natural.  Her name was Freya but I think Sally fits her so much better.  Good luck with the change!!

Freya.. Yeah, that is an odd one!:P

Silly Sally is a really cute name:) I am happy you found something so suiting.. I hope I can, but it's really tough with all these "No"s from hubster.

Lol. I like Mango!

Thanks:) I like it a lot too. But it's apparently not an option..


With a Rescue dog, changing the name may be beneficial because you do not know which associations were made with that name.  What you do know is that things, for whatever reason, did not work out, so I would have changed the name on day one.  Most dogs have a name and, in addition, are called by several other nicknames, and fully understand you are referring to them. Pick what you like and start using it alternately with the old name, or pairing the two, phasing the old one out as the dog responds to the new one as well. For instance, you could greet him as " Hi, Ziggy Mango!" later dropping Ziggy altogether.

I'm glad you found one you liked. My husband took forever to decide on a name for his puppy, so we called the pup Fluffy just to hurry him up!  My dogs know their names and I will call them separately for treats, so it would be harder for them to change or have nicknames.


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