Narnia Corgis In Rainier, Oregon-Reviews, advice.. Anything is helpful!

Hi everyone. I know I already posted today, but I'm bored and need to have these things figured out anyhow, so I feel less bad for hogging up space ahaha.

Alright, anyhow..

As the title says, it's Narnia Corgis in Rainier, OR that I'm asking about.

Has anyone ever gotten a corgi from here before?:) I'm looking into this breeder, Sue Sebring, about getting a puppy.. Talking to her on the phone, she seems like a really nice lady who treats her pups right.

BUT.. Let's be honest, we don't really know anything about people until actually going through with being a part of their life.

See when I spoke with her, we talked for quite a while and she seemed really awesome. But again. You never know.

See, here are some of the things she told me she does for the people who buy her pups:) I would love if it were true, and I am leaning into that it is. I just want to double check before setting my heart on her as my breeder.

PS.. This does not include the shots/health garuntee, they do have those but that's just standard, so I'm gonna list what she said was extra..

PSS.. I also missed a few things that she offered because I can't remember them all:P But is this part true

  1. Puppy Comes With:
  • Crate
  • Toys

      2. Extras:

  • FREE puppysitting whenever you need it-she said that like if we were going to go on vacation or need a puppy sitter, that she'd do it for free but will accept donations to help out if you do need to leave your puppy there.
  • FREE training. She said that if my pup started bad behaviour to CALL her the day of the problem starting and that she'd either help me with it over the phone OR I could go there and she'd work with him and me in person.
  • She also said she doesn't charge additional fees for full registration or anything if you decide to show/breed later on or something.. I can't quite remember EXACTLY what was said.
Alright that's it.. If you have any info on her at all, let me know please! Thanks a million

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i, I got my Belle from her...I flew from Alaska to her house in Oregon to get Belle.  Sue has become a friend and is very careful on placing her babies with families.  I remeber talking to het at least 3 different times for over an hour each time.  I lost my Belle to cancer last year and Sue talked to me for a bit to get me over the loss.  I have been to her house and have seen where the puppies are raised and she is great with her dogs....I am trying to get a hold of her and to see if I can get another puppy as we are now ready to get a new family member...Same here if you want to talk more drop mr a line also...Carolyn and the furkids

Hi Kim

I tried sending you a message. If you still have questions regarding Sue let me know. Sorry it took so long because I haven't logged on to this website in a while. To answer you question. Yes, I did perchased Paris from Sue and she is the LOVE of my life. I have know Sue for a long time and she is one of my good friends.


 Send me a message and I will sent you an email? will that work? Have a good day!!



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