So on my long list of research for my soon to be new puppy. I am on to trying to find out what brand of dog food to switch to after I wean her off of what she is currently eating. I wanted to do a natural dog food, but natural doesn't always mean healthy.

I wanted to try Blue Buffalo puppy dry and wet food and change to one of the Wilderness ones when she is a adult. Anyone have any personal experience or have a better brand to go with? or just stick with normal dog food and skip the natural all together?

I am pretty sure I want to stick to a mix of dry and wet kibble, I thought about doing a raw diet but I don't think I have the time and experience to try something like that yet.

ALSO: I wont feed my puppy with any rabbit products in it. I have a pet rabbit that lives loose in my house and I don't want to be feeling the puppy anything I consider a pet. Plus I don't want her getting a taste for what would be her new brother. lol

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we feed our dogs blue buffalo or natural and never had a problem but when we tried purina fit n trim my heeler pucked all the time but never had problems with blue or natural dog food
I feed all my animals my boys and my cats Nutro Naturals and just switched to it over a month ago and all my animals just love it and are doing great on it ..check out and it is wonderful site- and any question you have they can answer they also have a hotline and lots of coupons.. I have seen a big difference with all my animals they are all much happier and just love the food..


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