Need a back seat car harness for our little guy...any safe options made for Corgis?

Last week I had to take 17.7 pound puppy, Izzy to the vet clinic for his final rattlesnake booster.  I had to resort to using my own car, and corralled Izzy inside a large rabbit cage turned on its side.  This system worked, but was far from perfect, even though Izzy was a champ. As the pup grows this is obviously not gonna work.

I have measured wire crates, but I can not find one that will fit through the "sculpy configuration" (narrowed opening/entry) to the wide back seat in my sedan.  Car also has bucket seats in back, but they are not very deep.  A crate can only be a max of 16" wide to fit through the rear door, as the back doors also do not fully open (a full 90 degrees).  If the cage is tall and long, it must be quite narrow to get through the back doors. If long, crate will hit the door. Once in, there is all the room in the world. 

Soooo,...I am trying to find a dog harness that is easy, and SAFE, to use.  I will add a hammock seat cover across the entire back.  I notice that most harnesses are not safety-rated.  My rear seat belts have a very "smooth release", and do not easily "catch", if not jerked hard, which might allow too much movement of dawg?  Do direct-to-buckle tether straps work?  Universal? Some tethers don't even have a swivel on the strap.

Any suggestions for a good harness?  Frustrated here.  Don't have a Soccer Mom Car.


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It's wonderful, that your Jeli is afraid to snakes.  Our older Aussies just ignore them anymore, but we also usually do a quick lock-up of dogs before eliminating the dirty rotten rattlers. Don't want any additional help. My two horses are very leery of a rattling snakes, something they previously learned from encountering Eastern Diamondbacks in GA.  

Puppies are usually curious about everything that moves, so the chance of being bitten is higher. Our seven year old Aussie had a very close/scary encounter when he was only about 9 weeks old. Wouldn't take much venom to kill a small pup (vipers can control the amount of venom they deliver).  Fortunately, most animals seem to instinctively fear the rattling sound of the raised tail.  I fear it too.

Rocky and Rosie have the Kurgo harnesses size M. They are very adjustable and fit both dogs very well. Rocky is 30 lbs and Rosie is 24 lbs. I have a strap that buckles into the seat belt buckle in the car for each dog. They ride from Iowa to GA and back quite happily snoozing, sitting, or standing. I leave the harness on them at rest stops but clip the leash to their collars to walk them then clip the seat belt thingy to the harness when we get back in the car.

Oh Wow...Thanks much karen, for the comments about Corgi fit, size, and adjustment, of the Kurgo harnesses. but I will wait to see how the ipuppyone pans out first.  I was very seriously considering buying Kurgo.

 I bought a Kurgo-exact-look-alike seat belt tether strap at PetCo today.  It is marketed under the PetCo name, but looks just like the Kurgo strap (on their website).  Tried it out this afternoon, jerking on it madly, after clipping it into a rear seat belt.  Works like a charm.  Hoorah.


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