long story short i purchased a puppy two weeks ago from a farm, i was told repeatedly that the puppy was a pure corgi, one parent was ckc and the other akc. but upon arrival it seemed pretty clear that the puppies were not pure. we were able to see the mom, a small tri color corgi, but didn't get to see the father, apparently he had gotten hit by a car a week or so earlier. i ended up taking a puppy because he was just so darn cute, and i love him to death no matter what he is. from what i know about him, which isn't much, he should be around 9-10 weeks, according to breeder his dads ears stood up late, though not sure if would effect his. his ears have been getting more lift, but no standing yet, but i'm not too worried at this age. what do you guys think? sorry the pictures arent the best, these are all i got.
his color and his frame (though his legs are a touch long) look like corgi, but he has a light brown nose and eyeliner.. hmmm. so far i have had people tell me aussie or beagle. not sure though.


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He's so cute! I would guess Aussie from the look of him...but he may be pure and just looks mixed cause his ears aren't up yet. I was paranoid when I bought Freya, the breeder sent me pictures and I googled like crazy!

Freya had blue/green eyes for a long time before they finally turned a light brown color. As for the nose...her's was black from the get go--no cute pink puppy nose for me:(. Anyway, her ears were also straight up at 6.5 weeks--she was the first in the litter to do so actually. His tail is a bit longer than I've seen.

Who knows what he is--I suppose you could try the doggy dna kit if you really want to know or wait and see. He's cute either way!
He looks pure to me... I think he might be a "bluie" Pembroke, though. There's nothing wrong with it unless you want to show him, and I think it's actually really cool looking. Here's the PWCCA site with some pictures of bluies. They have almost a purple sheen because of slightly dark grayish tipped hairs over the red fur. Of course you wouldn't see that until he has his adult fur but the liver colored nose is also a sign of the blue coat coloration. Once he grows up a little, he may have more grayish eyes than other Pembrokes too. Here is a forum thread about bluies as well and here is the Pembroke Blues group. Hope this helps! I could be wrong but whatever the case, you'll most likely find out when he's grown. He's really cute by the way. :)
wow that shed some light! im trying to get more information, but i will not give up hope that i have a little corgi! thanks so much for your help. i will still stick to the fact that he has the little quirks and attitude of a corgi:D im going to be so impatient to see what he looks like as a big boy! lol
No problem. Just thought I'd share my thoughts. Anyway, I can't wait to see your little Ryley grow up too.

He is a cuite for sure. After looking at Christy's photos I'ld say he is corgi but Milo here is the last Corgi that we brought home So, (maybe) we aren't the best judge of Corgis.
HA-HA....... That is such a cute picture of you 2 =)


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