Getting ready to pick up our baby girl in a few hours. My question is this. Breeder has been feeding her puppy chow moistened with water. I would like to switch her to Wellness puppy food. My sister in law says we should keep her on the puppy chow for the first year. Any thoughts?

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All Life Stages is both puppy, adult, and senior food. It means what it is, All Life Stages. So you could feed that dog that food from puppy till they cross the bridge. I feed my Ein an ALS food since that was what I was told to do. She's been growing beautifully since then.

I'd switch to Wellness.  That's what I feed my dogs.  My last puppy is an Aussie, and she had to go in one day for shots--there was another vet there instead of my regular one, and she made the comment that my Aussie's coat was beautiful.  She said "I don't know what you're feeding, but keep feeding it!".  Just be sure you switch your puppy over slow to avoid diarrhea...


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