I haven't posted in a while, but I decided that now would be a good time.

Last year was a busy one for Rocky and I, but now things are slowing down and we are adding a friend to our home. 

We are getting a super-cute sable girl in 4 weeks. My husband and I can't decide on a name. We have been tossing around Sophie and Nutmeg, but neither of us love either name. Plus, Rocky answers to Sophie. The breeder wants to start calling her by name soon, so we need to come up with something.

We are both techies, and I'm a writer. I would like to find a name that is not old or used sounding (Angel, Corky, Princess, etc.)

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. You can see her picture.
Edit: Thank you all for your responses. We have settled on Clover for now. I will be uploading pictures once she's home.

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You have a Rocky. Why not Adrian?
Rocky is short for Rockstar, my husband's Army nickname. I'm not a Stallone fan. :(
Or Natasha (from Rocky and Bullwinkle)?
Lol Beth. That was my first thought too.
She is so cute. If I had gotten a girl, I would have named her Rosa or Rosie. Rocky and Rosie sound cute together.
We have a Rocky and Rosie. They each know their own name and answer to THEIR name.
she is gorgeous! :)

I love nature-y sounding names. my Heidi was going to be Summer, with the hopes of getting a tri boy later to call Winter. but i put her name to a vote and Heidi won out. it's just as well, i prob won't be getting a tri boy either (we can only have 1 dog where i live). i only make tentative plans about these things because you just never know what's going to happen. :)

anyway...Summer, Autumn, Winter...I like those. Heidi runs so fast I tell her regularly that i should've named her Turbo, although when she was little i thought i should've called her Bunny b/c she had such a funny little hop-like move to get through the tall grass. ;) I love the name Song, and Story from the movie "Lady in the Water". Maybe a writing-related name would be cute (Poem, Comma, Ampersand - sp? ), or a famous writer that you like? (Frost, Angelou, Salinger, etc) There's a reading device - like an iPod, but for books - called Kindle. That's kind of cute.

or you could go with a brand name of something that's important to you - Folger's, or Starbucks, Nissan, Adida(s), Panera, Eucalyptus, Mossimo, Kellogg('s), Canon, Gucci, Visa...

hope you find something you like! congrats on the new baby girl! :)
I like nature-y sounding names too, but I was thinking more like dawn, meadow, brooke, sunset, clover, lily, etc on the flower names lol. Congrats on the new baby!!!
I like the name Fern. But I also like the names clover and lily. Clover fits her well I think. Or maybe Daisy. Good luck on the name!!! Let us know what you choose!!!
I thought that Roo like from Winnie The Pooh was a really cute name... I would have spelled it "Roux" to be a little different and because I like to cook :D That sounds kind of cute with Rocky :) She is such a cute baby...she is just so adorable in the grass!
I've always liked the name Ivy.
Pebble. :-)


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