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Grooming is a big project around my house these days.
With 2 kitties (American short hair)
1 fluffy corgi
1 crazy course hair corgi mix
1 Alaskan Malamute

I have my work cut out for me!

I have come up with a daily (or weekly... how ever many times you normally brush your dog) technique that makes my job easier and with better results than just brushing alone!

I use a spray bottle and mix 1/4 mane and tail conditioner and 3/4 warm water, shake the bottle before each use. Sometimes I add a drop of tea tree, or lemongrass oil depending on season.


I use a tangle teaser


I spray the mixture on either the dog or the brush depending on which animal it is (have you ever sprayed a cat with a water bottle... not pretty) and then use the brush to "pet" the ... pet!

Nobody struggles, all tangles are removed without pulling, coats are shinier from added protien, and everyone smells delightful! (admittedly the corgi, malamute and kitties have very little smell normally if any... the corgi mix only "smells" on very hot days or when wet...)

This technique has drastically cut down on the amount of pet fur around the home and is so simple to do when sitting and watching t.v. that everyone gets groomed daily now.

Because I brush daily I no longer use the spray as often ... once a week or as needed (more often if they go to the dog park or jog through the woods)

It has made owning a fluffy corgi and malamute super easy!

Hope this helped others with grooming issues!

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great idea! I have a whole bottle of mane and tail conditioner as well as a leave in detangler now that I sold my horse! Frankie beware you are going to be groomed much more now! lol. Frank is one of the few corgis in this world that doesn't shed but he does get smelly from swimming in the river everyday so this is a great idea
Oh my goodness I tried this and Franklin is SO SHINY AND SOFT!!! Excellent!
Thanks for the ideas.  I have a fluffy boy and have trouble around his ears and insides of legs and occasionally other places.  I used to have some Mane N Tail but think it didn't get moved.  I will get both and see if Randy and I can have more enjoyable grooming sessions.


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