About 4 weeks ago we brought home a new puppy to the family.  Oppy seemed to like the new guy, a black pug named Keebler, and most has been going well so far.  Oppy sleeps in bed with us, but until he can hold his bladder longer we have Keebler sleeping in a crate next to the bed.  Our problem is that he'll wake up 2-3 times a night and start whimpering.  If we ignore him, he'll usually fall back to sleep but only after going at it for about 10 minutes (at 2am this feels like forever).  He'll eventually get to the point though that he starts howling and won't stop until we get up and take him out.  Yesterday this was about 3am and today was about 4:30am.  After he peed we put him back in the crate, where he whimpers for a while again until he starts howling again closer to 6 (which about is when Hilliary gets up for work anyways).  Oppy was never this difficult when it came to sleeping.  We know Keebs can hold his bladder a good long time (we've had work days where we were gone for something like 8-9 hours and he didn't mess his crate.  Does anyone have any suggestions other than just ignoring him that might make transitioning a little better (and would let us get a good night's sleep for the first time in a month)?

p.s. I know this is a question about a pug on a corgi site, I just felt it was something of a generic dog question :p

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Congrats! Keebler is a great name :) May be you can time his last drink 2 hours before bed time and then bring him out just before bed?
Him and Oppy can get pretty rough with each other, sometimes right before bed. Do you think taking their water away would be a good idea?
Drinking right before bedtime is not going to make this easy. If rough housing caused them to drink, then substitute the activity with an on leash walk, 2 hrs before bed time, let them drink and chill when they get home, they should be pooped out by then. Let them out one last time on leash just before bed. Change things around, set them up for success.
Sounds reasonable. I'll give it a try.


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