What's ur opinion on shaving corgi's? I shaved mine about 7 months ago his hairs back, normal as ever. I read some bad comments about shaving them so I'm scared to do it a second time! But I loved being hair free! 

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Dino said do not shave. Everyone loves the fluffy butt too much

Well, you've gotten an earful about shaving...I think you've been extremely lucky with the fur growing back and personally I wouldn't risk it again. My Sophie's hind quarters got shaved for knee surgery and it took a good year for the fur to grow back and the fun fur on her bottom never grew back right. I hope you make peace with the fur...it's part of the corgi charm.

I am on my second fluffy corgi from the same place that is temperature intolerant.  I assumed this wouldn't happen again but I wanted a similar good personality so I got the same defect.  It took me 2 years figuring it out on the first one.  I did clip her fairly often but did not shave her.  Her hair always grew out.  My wonderful Randy wouldn't go out last summer after it got hot, so I clipped him and he did go out more but when it got really hot, he just did potty trips.  Sometimes, it is not an easy decision.

When I rescued Twinkie she had been shaved by her previous owner.  It has been 8 months and she still has spiky spots that I've never felt on the coat of my other corgi, Luna, who has never been shaved...  It doesn't feel natural, as she has yet to grow back her nice full coat.

I would never shave mine.

Good morning Casee!  In addition to my Cardigan Corgi, Magdalen, I have a French Brittany, English Setter & a Pointer/English Setter mix.  During the hottest months of summer & the coldest months of winter, Magdalen, the Corgi, is the one dog who is the most comfortable being outside during the extreme temperatures, too cold & too hot.  This is solely due to her double coat.  (And, just so you know.....many years ago before I knew better, my husband & I did shave our first  Corgi, Tipper.....we never did it again.)

I went back and forth, but then I gave Lilly a "puppy cut".  I put the longest attachment on the razor and none of her undercoat was touched and her hair ended up being as long as a regular corgi.  I didnt want to shave her completely, as her hair is her protection from this Tennessee sun.  When I brought her home as a pup, she was so hot, she would sleep on an ice pack I put in a pillowcase.  I didnt touch her coat until she was a year.  I didnt want to decide anything on her coat until she was at least a year old.  I only gave her one trim in June and it lasted all summer. 

I wouldn't do it.  Isabella is a fluffy coated corgi who was shaved on accident once.  Never again!  I don't mind a slight trim to clean things up a bit from time to time (especially her bottom), it looks cute.  But, I LOVE her fluffy coat.  At this point I don't want scissors going near her at all.  Surprisingly, she doesn't shed much at all, though.  With her fluffy coat I thought she would but it is far, far less than a regular coated corgi.  You can see Isabella's shave in her "groom of doom" pics.  It has been about 9 months now, I think.  She's plenty fluffy again but does have some spikey hairs underneath that I can feel. Still peeves me!

Eek. It's ok, some people just dont know. It's better for their sake, their coats protect them and actually keep them cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Plus shaving doesn't stop them from shedding completely, they will just shed smaller pieces. Invest in a high velocity dryer and a furminator. Shedding definitely isn't the most fun part of owning a corgi, but it's a part of the package. Definitely worth it though, in my opinion. :)

I say shave away! We had a sheltie and I used to get him whats called a puppy cut, he was shaved to about and inch or two for the summer. He looked adorable, and he was much more comfortable and active then with his big heavy coat. I too, read all the info about double coated dogs, and shaving, and their hair not coming back, I talked to the vet and he said, would you be warmer with all that hair in the summer,of course you would. The "keeping them cooler is BS"! I never had any issues with his hair growing back either, and we did it ever summer, he lived to be 151/2 it was easier on all of us. Maybe some poeple have had issues with hair growing back, we didnt. If it works for you go with it! Good luck!

Hi Lisa, it's science.

Hi Sam, you say science,  I say schmience:)

( you need to say it to the tune of "I say potato, You say patato"


Thanks Lisa B ! I loved it! Although they did shave him way to short, I still loved it an he did also! His hairs normal as ever! :) so come spring I'll be deciding, do u have pics of ur pups with the cut you did? 


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