Max is at it again. If no one will play fetch with you, play by yourself. Throw (or drop) the ball down the stairs. Run and get it, up the stairs ,repeat. Makes parents feel guilty.

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Dont' feel guilty. You're lucky to have a dog that will amuse itself and not do anything that is destructive. Think of all the extrea exercise he is getting by doing this. LOL!
Ein does it too, I think it is cute! I think it is good for a dog (especially a working dog like a corgi) is able to amuse itself.
OK, No more guilt, Just enjoyment.
Zim does that too!! If we are done playing before he is, he will throw the ball for himself!
Ofelia does that too. It's so hilarious! We don't have stairs but she's pick up the ball and throw it upwards and try to catch it by herself. Then she attacks it and stalks it. I've been considering getting a playmate for her, but I know I can't afford another dog - money-wise or time-wise. So it's just her and her balls for now. :-)
Don't tell my husband but I've thought about a friend for Max already. In fact I almost got maxs sister too.
I have already seen a benefit to two corgis. We adopted Ed three weeks ago and Ein is a happier puppy. He now has a playmate and they wear each other out playing with each other. But, it is a huge commitment. They both need their individual time and we need to respect which of the two is the dominant (which can be tricky since it just changed it seems). But, we've even noticed that Ed does this occassionally. He will throw his rawhide up into the air and then attack it. It is funny. Or, when they are playing tug of war with their rope, Ein occassionally will lay down on his side and Ed will pull him across the room. That was hilarious the first time I saw it.
I love when Lance entertains himself, I think it is so cute, like Debbie says it shows their intelligence of the corgi, that is how I always interrupted it when they entertained themselves. When Lance was younger he would run and chase two balls at the same time, paw at it while one was in his mouth, now he throws his kong around to dry and make the food drop out of it so he doesnt have to work so hard.....too smart. I love it when he gets up on the couch and drops it down to the ground or when he is standing on the ground and drops it out of his mouth over and over and over. Dont let him make you feel guility that is a sign you have one smart corgi!!
I'm so jealous! If I don't play fetch with Theo, he just throws the toy at my feet and growls over and over and over. Then he starts wailing in his high pitched voice, and then if I still don't throw it, he cries and pouts. It's terrible! I wish he would amuse himself sometimes!
I loved watching my corgi throw the kong around too! i think it's funny how most people have to put peanut butter in it... i would just stuff a dry biscut in and it would keep her entertained for a while... or she would get frustrated and then run over to me with it in her mouth then throw it at me like YOU get it out!!!


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