Is my Dino the only one that has learned to open the refrigerator?  I have a towel on the door and he pulls it and helps himself. Most everything is on the top shelf lucky for me. So I must take the towel off the door or put a chair in front of it when I am away. How much smarter will he get ¿

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If that's just a start, you will have your hand full!  Before you know it, he'll get your credit card and order delivery pizza while you're at work...LOL!  I'm so lucky my dogs haven't figured that one out!  But, corgis are pretty smart and if food is around, they will try and find a way to get to it.  I strongly suggest you keep the towel off of the frig door, and count the beer to make sure he isn't having a party while you are gone.
There is no beer in the refrig. And I sure he does not know my PIN numbers on the cards. He has also learned to play checkers but I usually beat him 2 out of 3 times.
Gromit lets me win once in a while, too.

You've changed your password already, right?  If he posts his method and word gets out, we'll all have to have locks on the refer. 

I'm impressed.  Even Gwynnie can't do that.

It sounds like it might be a problem for you but from it its just cool!
That is impressive! Okay, maybe not so fun for you, but I'm sure impressed. There is no towel on our fridge door, so Noodles would have to actually work at it to attempt to get the door open.
Installing lock on refrigerator and moving phone out of reach

I am thankful that my two rascals have not advanced to this level.  LOL

Neither of mine can do that, but Lilly let them back in the house by opening the glass sliding door.  (DH must have left it opened a crack when he went to work) and she wiggled her little nose in there.
Once they understand the Doorknob Principle, it will change the lives of canines everywhere.


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