Greetings all,

So I’ve decided to change Quila’s dog food from Eukanuba Medium Puppy Breed Formula to Orijen Adult Formula. She’s only about 13 pounds at the moment however she’s quickly growing. I hear that dogs on “grain-free” diets should eat less quantity of the food versus the typical “grocery store brand” as it contains lots of filler.

So my question is, how much less should I feed per day? Is there a chart or a table to follow according to my dog’s weight? I am currently feeding her 1 cup of food split between 2 meals per day. I was considering ¾ cup of Orijen split between 2 meals a day and would like to get some feedback on people who feed Orijen or a similar grain-free product to their dog(s).

I hope by moving to Orijen that Quila quits her recent fit of the itches. Her inner right thigh has a hotspot about the size of a silver dollar. Per the vet, I’ve been giving her Children’s Benadryl at less than 1mg/per pound of her weight. It seems to work as a temporary fix and is now scabbing over. After lots and lots of pet food research, I’m suspecting it to be food allergen related….????

I’ve already ordered my bag from the net and look forward to switching over in the near future.

Thanks for any feedback you may have!

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