Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID) Corgi Breeders--Please Help!

I just moved to Seattle, in part to finally be able to have the space to finally adopt the Corgi I've been wanting for years.  Since moving out here in July, I've contacted every breeder within a four hour drive on the both the Washington and Oregon Pembroke Welsh Corgi official sites.  Unfortunately, I've had no luck in finding a puppy.  For the most part, I get no responses and the two positive responses I did get, fell through.  

In a particularly heartbreaking moment, I just found out two weeks before I was planning to drive out pick up the new corgi that the breeder has miscalculated how many puppies she would have for adoption and wouldn't be able to give me one as planned.  At this point, I'm at a loss for where to find a puppy and who to contact next and would very much appreciate any leads, guidance, or advice!  Please help!

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There are several folks with new pups on the west coast and in Washington/Oregon area.. Have you posted on Facebook? my fb name is Mary Elizabeth.. I'm in the Phoenix area.. lets see if we can find you one.. You want a Pem..? I mostly know Cardi breeders but I'll look.. e-mail me at and I'll be looking

Maybe the confusion comes from your use of the word "adopting".  Breeders have pups for sale, not for adoption, although many good breeders also occasionally help out with Rescue and have a dog available for adoption. I imagine you are looking to buy a puppy.  You may have to get on a waiting list.  If instead you really are looking to adopt, breeders would not be the people to contact and dogs for adoption are rarely puppies.  Good luck in your search.

Thanks for the quick replies!

May Elizabeth, I'll contact you directly.  I am looking for a Pem, preferably red and white, so any leads you may have would be wonderful.

Anna, thanks for the tip.  I know I have to buy the puppy, I actually started using the word "adopt" after seeing that a few breeders tended to use that word over "buy."  I was mostly just trying to use the same language, but I'm new to getting puppies through breeders (my last dog came from a shelter) so I'm still learning.  I'll definitely make that more clear in my next round of emails, which hopefully won't get ignored...

Jessica, any breeder who uses the term "adopt" while selling his/her puppies is someone to steer away from!  Although many good hearted breeders also do some rescue work, I've seen a few bad apples who use the lure of a dog for adoption to tell about their own litters and show prospective puppy people their own pups for sale.  That is unethical and a disgrace!  Look for someone who loves the breed, who will take the time to educate a new puppy buyer about all aspects of Corgi ownership and who will be there for you if and when you need advice regarding your dog later on as well.

Presumably you talked to Carrie Hale (we got Gwynnie and Al from her)?  She doesn't breed much, but she's the VP of Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club -- see CPWCC -- and knows a lot of people.  Be patient, get your name out and onto breeders' radar screens.   Be patient.  Cast your net broadly.  There are quite a few breeders west of the Cascades, but also "out east", including Idaho and Sandpoint.  My neighbor got Monty from Sandpoint. 


We're in Maple Leaf near Northgate.

We also know a small breeder in Brookings,Oregon.She also doesn't have many litters a year,but might be worth getting in touch.Check out Winterflower Farm on the net.
Our 2 are from Cheryl and both are easy temperament and very low key barkers for corgis.Gorgeous coats too :)!


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