I have been looking for balm to rub on Nibbler's feet when they feel cracked and couldn't find anything, except for balm designed for people. I just found this today, I remembered a members on here saying they were looking for paw balm as well. It's from Three Dog Bakery. http://www.tdbstore.com/items/fur-di-vine-doggie-spa-collection/paw...

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I use Flexitol Heel Balm. Heals the cracks in Corgi pads as well as the cracks in human feet.
When you apply the balm, do you massage the paw until it's fairly dry or do you put a sock on the paw? Just curious since I don't want his paw to attract dirt if he goes outside or leave greasy marks on the floor when indoors. Did your corgi try to lick the balm off his paw?
I haven't tried balm on Nibbler yet, so I don't know actually. I would assume only using a little bit and rubbing it in, then wiping off the excess. I have tried putting booties on Nibbler before and she usually kicks them off after a few seconds!
great thread, I was just about to post asking if anyone knew of any good balms.


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