Cody sometimes sucks his paw like a baby sucks his thumb. Does anyone else see this behavior? I did see a picture on the Internet of a Corgi doing the same thing. It's almost as if Cody goes into a trance when he does it. Maybe it's just a Corgi thing...

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I've never seen this, but it would be interesting to see how many corgis do this.  Could it be that Cody was separated early from his mom? My sil has a dog that was taking from its mom too early, and even now at age 7yrs he will still suck on blankets and toys.

Ella will just lick on her paws sometimes, but no sucking.

When we first got Ein she would lay upside down or on her side and suck on one of the bottom corners of our couch like she was nursing. We took her home at just over 6 weeks so she was real young. Every once in a while she'll try and suck/mouth my fingers, but never her own paws. That's interesting.

The pic above is not's one I found on the Internet, but it's exactly what he does.  It's entirely possible that he was weaned too early. Cody was almost 3 mo old when we got him, but his breeder was quite a control freak. He doesn't seem to hurt himself. It's just When Cody does this,,,you can see that he is suckling and he almost goes to sleep.


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