Pembroke Welsh Corgi judging at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show in NYC

Some of the very finest Corgis in the USA and beyond:

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Every year I say I have to go to the show...thanks for posting this - I forgot they post the breed competition. I just can't get enough of watching corgis smile - they're the best dogs in the world. Thanks Doug for posting. Any new videos from Gromit and Sparkle??

Milo, I go to a couple of shows a year when Gromit & Sparkle's breeders are in town showing "family."   It's great fun to see top notch corgis all groomed up and looking their best.  The show people are always all stressed out but the corgis remain happy, it's all a grand day out for them with extra treats!

No new G&S videos lately.  I need to make one that shows Gromit trying to run his agility course while Sparkle harasses him.  She gets so excited but doesn't have a clue about what to do herself.  I should start working on that.

I've never seen anything like it.  Such intense focus, competitive concentration, jockeying for position, fanatical attention to detail, yet all done with aplomb.

Even the dogs were sort of interesting.

None of those guys could compare to Gromit, Waffle, Sparkle, Monty, Maggie, or RickyRafa.

What I's REALLY like to see is Joey, Katey, Hank, and Bevy Lou out there smellin' of cow pie and horse sweat  amongst them pampered,blow-dried city slicker show dogs, who'd wanna get on the first train west once they find out what a real werkin' dog's life is like...  (I got nuthin against blow-dried show dogs, having two of 'em myself).

We were offered a bribe to sneak Al in as a double for one of the tris -- we were offered a flight to Texas on a corporate jet and a Carnival Cruise Line trip!  -- but we turned it down.  We did that a coupla years ago.

I'd be careful of the cruise line offer, John, you could end up adrift off of Mexico! 

4000 distracted sweaty people, no air conditioning or plumbing, all that rotting food... corgi heaven.

Wow, John!  You must REALLY think Waffle is handsome to say he could beat out all those show dogs!  We're flattered. :D


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