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A question that is serious, and not meant to be gross in anyway, but a little backstory to how I came to ask this question. Chopper gets a Cesar(wet food) as a weekend treat. I've noticed that it gives him a bit of gas, but moreover I've noticed it makes his stool on the "runny" side. When we walk, we usually go on a bike trail and when he goes, it's usually in VERY tall grass and I can't find it even if I wanted to. When we don't go on a trail, I carry a plastic bag with me to clean up after him. With the loose stool though, it's not exactly solid enough to get a hold of...The last time I tried, it pretty much just smeared it into the pavement....Any suggestions or ideas? I know a good idea would be to stop giving him wet food, but that's a treat that he gets on the weekend. I like to spoil my little guy! :)

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If anticipating runny poop, try to make sure he doesn't do it on the pavement. We can't get everything every time, and we can make up for that by cleaning up after others; that gets noticed and reflects well on dog people.
Also worthwhile: carry a litter bag and clean up after the PEOPLE. Dog **** is biodegradable; bottles and cans are not. We've already got the bags, we're already picking up worse, and we cover the neighborhood rather thoroughly. This gets noticed and is contagious behavior. Community building.
Good for you for having such a concern over the issue and bringing this discussion up. Maybe hold off on giving him his special meal til after the hike to prevent some of this dilemma or adding some to his food all week long so its not such a change on his system. It might not even be the food...some dogs get so excited and anxious they get this way every time they go out. I saw this invention program where someone invented a harness that straps onto the dogs butt and they poop into a bag and all you do is grab the string and pull and it pulls the baggy off and seals it shut. LOL Possibility it would be on E-Bay. hehe


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