I know that this is not talk for the breakfast table but it's something that we all do. So...... I'm wondering if there is a better way to pick up and dispose of Olive's poop while we are on our walks than picking it up in a plastic bag and then throwing it in my trash.  I'm sure that it must take a couple hundred years for those bags to breakdown, if they ever do.  I have a neighbor who carries around an old frozen margarita pail with salad tongs to pick up her dogs poop but I just can't see me doing that!  Do any of you have "greener" ways that you deal with potty sacks.

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Are you going to get a powerloo Sam? lol
Here in my area we are not allowed to just toss a used doggy pick up bag into the trash or leave dog waste on the ground. The waste get's picked up, carried home to be flushed away, and the soiled baggy is the only thing going into the trash.

It's not the best solution but it is the law.


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