I feel like the doggy toys are overrunning my house, especially after the holidays! Squeakers, tennis balls and rope toys are everywhere...they need to be contained! I'm thinking about just getting a small basket or something to put in the living room but I was wondering if you guys had any more unique ideas. I'd like something that is somewhat accessible to the pups. How do you corral your toys?!?!

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I have two places for toys, one downstairs, on up. One is an antique cranberry crate and the other a metal magazine basket. They are both only about 12 inches deep. Just the right height for a corgi to find his favorite playhing.

thats what i have a basket, at the end of the day just toss everything in there. mine have learned to go and pick out what they want to play with, its cute. then they will go get something else, and then you have stuff all over.

I keep their toys in a large reusable type of tote bag.


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