Our 9-week puppy has been pooping in his crate at night. We've made it small enough for him (to stand up and turn around), we feed him before 5 at night, take him out to poop right before bed, but he's still going. He's dry in the morning (no pee), just poop. Any ideas?

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We got our pup at 14 weeks and she still sometimes needed to be taken out at night after we had gone to bed. Is your little one making any noise (crying or simply getting restless)? You may have to sleep a bit lighter for the next few weeks to keep track of your puppies bathroom needs. It can help to keep your pup in your bedroom with you for a bit. My trainer suggested waiting for them to whine, interrupting them and if they whine again, take them out to their potty spot and be no nonsense about it.

Good luck with your puppy!
9 weeks old is really young and may not go through the night. If it is comfort, When mine was around eight months old, she pooped once in the crate due to diarrhea caused by watermelon...lol...

I agree that you either need to put his crate near your bed, or sleep in the same room till you are sure he could go through the night. (I slept with mine till she was 16 weeks) The only difference I had is that mine didn't need poop at night. She would poop once an hour after dinner. No matter I hard I try or how long I walk her after that, she would not poop again at night, even if she has a lot intake...guess she likes morning pooping...

Do you get him to poop after dinner? Any activities, any food at night?

We play with him a lot after dinner. He usually goes at least twice. He doesn't really whine in his crate so we don't hear him when he needs to go overnight. He's not in our bedroom though. We could try sleeping by his crate or move him into our bedroom. Thanks for the tips!

If he doesn't whine(mine didn't either till she was 5 months old...)you should pay attention to the movement during the night. If he is moving around in the crate restlessly, he probably needs to go.

Just make sure you do it COMPLETELY SILENTLY --- you don't want him start to think there is a party during the middle of night;-) --- take him out for potty, put him right back to the crate after him finishes.

9 weeks is young like everyone said. If he is close to you, you will be able to hear him whine or start to move. This will pass. :)

As a side story, our corgis sleep in bed with us (or their crates if they pick that).  I slept in our spare bedroom one night due to an exam in the morning and had to get up very early to study. I woke up to an awful smell. I got up, looked all around and could not find any poop...but boy could I smell it. I searched and searched. Eventually I found it. It was on me and the bed! By the looks of things, my dog stood on top of me and pooped. Haha! The joys of dogs. Thankfully it was a one time thing and I am not exactly sure what happened. He was 3 years old at that time, haha! So some poop in the crate is just fine for a 9 week old, he will get it soon!

You know animals will poop in a place to help you find your way back. Maybe your baby taught you were lost and was helping you by starting a sent trail.

I agree, at 9 weeks he may still be to young to hold it through the night. We got ours at 10 weeks and we would get up every 3 hours to take him out. If he had an accident we would put him outside on every time so he knew that's where you go. And of course we'd stop him mid-accident, pick him up and take him outside to finish. He did amazing and was potty trained in about 2 weeks!

Not sure what your hours are for going to bed and getting up, but 5PM seems early to give the last meal to such a young pup as I assume he will not eat again until 6 am or so. For the time being, regarding potty training, you need to take him out at night (no playtime, just a quick potty break, a small treat and back in his crate).  In your bedroom is best for the crate.  This stage will not last long, most pups can make it through the night by 12 wks, if you do things right.

walking in circles while sniffing the floor is a good sign. But he is too young to be potty trained.

Ya I would move him in your room so you know when he makes a noise to let him out.


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