After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:


Rawhide Chucking (Both for height and velocity)

Circle Running

Figure 8 Running (sister event to circle running)

Ditch slalom

Tugging (with and with-out vocals)

Wood floor sliding (for distance and style - bonus points if you take out the area rug too!)


I'm sure that you guys can contribute many more.  What would your favorite Corgi Olympics event be?


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-How about Bobbing for a tennis ball? Get a kiddie or doggie pool and throw the ball in. Quickest to retrieve it wins. ( very interesting, you can see the wheels turning as they try to figure this one out)

- Hide and Seek? ( hiding treats or a favorite toy)

- I like the Howling or Yodeling idea.

- Nose pokes? (a biggie at my house, the corgi's follow us around, and poke us in the leg or calf)



Bugsy does the back-of-the-knee shove. With both of his front feet. Like that annoying kid in school use to do to you in the hallway with their knee behind yours...


Buddy does the front of knee thing ... if I tease him "Did you want to go for a WALK?"  he comes toward me at full spreed with corgi toes pointed straight ahead ... which is about kneecap high.

Im not sure what to call it..but jumping up in mid air and then landing on hubbys stomach, like Tucker did yesterday!!!


Springboarding??  Tucker was frapping and running and out of no where jumped up like 2 feet and landed on my husband who was laying down on the couch, lol!!!


Tummy Trampoline!!

Cat squashing is a favourite of Ruby, pin you cat down and wash it's ears . Round up the local children or a game from South Africa called Madball


Dino has a ( several ) ropes he likes...he unties the knot on both ends. It usually takes a couple of months but that would be a good event.

Cow hoof hockey. Or any chew toy. ?? The Buddha is a pro at making goals under the furniture

Football Tackle: Lucy loves to wait until her big brother has his leg lifted and then runs at him full speed and head butts him in the side to knock him over.

Lol! Good one!
How about Olympic squeaky-ectomy? Whoever can chew the squeaky out of the toy fastest wins! Bonus points for toys that cost more than $10! Or how about competitive shoe-eating? Again, bonus points for shoes over $50! And of course, wiggle-butt walking!! She/he with the best swagger wins!

How about a entire series of destruction?  Plush animal plucking, paper shredding, pen extracting, egg carton dismantling.  Moving out doors could be digging---the most holes, deepest holes, most symmetrical holes.  Then here in the south there is the VERY popular....lizard herding, duck poop retrieval.  Of course the main attraction that would draw one of the biggest crowds would be after bath FRAP.  Judged on form, athleticism,and originality; extra points for hair dryer work.



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