After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:


Rawhide Chucking (Both for height and velocity)

Circle Running

Figure 8 Running (sister event to circle running)

Ditch slalom

Tugging (with and with-out vocals)

Wood floor sliding (for distance and style - bonus points if you take out the area rug too!)


I'm sure that you guys can contribute many more.  What would your favorite Corgi Olympics event be?


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how has leaf herding not popped up on here already?

Because the thread started in the spring.  That's a good one though!


1,000 meter nap.

I was wondering if that was not a defense that Corgi's have.  P.D. has an Italian Greyhounds friend "Tess"  who runs his butt off.  Mostly she runs at him and it looks like she runs him over and he rolls, but  it is just him doing the corgi "roll".  I figured it was a defense against flying hooves during herding sessions, rolling out of the hit.  Is my thought process correct?

I love all the idea for events people have suggested . My little Princess Ruby has decided that rolling in fox poop is her number one sport at the moment closely followed by a good wash and brush up.



I love it!!!

How about a talking competition?  Didn't see that one on here yet.

Would include Chewbacca noises, stretching aroo noises, whines, and Scout has a motorcycle sound she makes when she wants attention that some people think is a growl until I tell them otherwise.

Ruby would enjoy that one, she's been trying to train this silly human how to understand Corgi speak.


Fly catching...or any other winged bug for that matter!

Tail-less tail chasing...

Ice Cube eating contest

an off shoot of that would be cat herding.  A few pokes to the back and some chest bumping and you got a sport!  Unless the cat refuses and sit down--points off!

Perci loves to run in circles!


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